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Yesterday (23 July 2020), our Managing Director Carol Cox was interviewed by Science Correspondent Victoria Gill for BBC News at 10 to talk about how we’re working to mitigate plastic pollution and help put an end to plastic waste being sent to landfill

Carol shared OSO’s vision to ensure that 100% of UK plastic waste is being recycled and isn’t being sent to landfill or incineration and to  provide a closed loop recycle service ensuring that 100% of all UK plastic waste is being recycled either in the UK or overseas. Carol discussed once plastics are recycled, depending on the grade of recycled pellets manufactured then there is a whole range of manufacturing processes that the material can be used for. For example – Online retail bags, black bin liners, blown film bags, profile extruded plastic decking, furniture and pipe manufacture.

Read Victoria’s latest article about the huge plastic pollution issue here

See Carol in action on last night’s news broadcast from 20 minutes 11 seconds in – 

Offering a UK reprocessing plastic waste recovery service and closed-loop recycling solutions, companies can take advantage of OSO’s capabilities to help achieve their company’s environmental business goals in terms of waste plastic, and contribute to increasing the UK’s plastic recycling levels.