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Our Family

OSO Environmental & Partners

OSO Environmental are part of a wider group of UK companies that have come together, with crossover ownership, to provide a comprehensive range of environmental services. Combined, our wider family companies have over £300m turnover, 3,500 customers and over 3,000 employees, across the UK and internationally.

Comply Direct Ltd

Comply Direct is a leading UK Packaging Producer Responsibility compliance scheme with an unrivalled record of 100% compliance, customer growth and retention, and are able to facilitate the allocation of packaging recovery notes (PRNs) to offset packaging producer obligation costs.

Comply Direct Ltd - your environmental future
Uniserve Ltd - Your Global Business

Uniserve Ltd

Uniserve is a leading, multiple award-winning logistics and freight management company (sea freight, air freight, warehousing and distribution, European road haulage, speciality drinks logistics division) who are able to provide competitive backhauling logistics rates for material collections and product deliveries.